Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Review (Wilderness Camping Hammock)

After years of indecisiveness, I finally took the step and got into hammock camping. I wish I had tried one out when it first became popular again. When I attended the 2018 New England Bushcraft show I met Micah George from N. E. Wilderness (an organization that teaches bushcraft in and around central/western Massachusetts) and he was rocking a couple of these set-ups. I liked his and I also like his philosophy of going light and leaving no trace. I contacted the good folks at Warbonnet and they answered about any question I could throw at them. I received the hammock two days later and went straight to northern Maine on a canoe trip and set it up in very thick woods with little or no place available on the ground for a tent. The set-up was extremely easy for the first time I had ever done it. The buckle suspension system is a breeze and accommodates most any tree you have available. I did have to insert a sleeping pad in the double layer bottom half way through the night as temps got down in the 20’s, but it was the most comfortable night I have spent sleeping outside in years. The sewn in bug netting will be very appreciated once the black flies come out and the heavy duty construction of this hammock gives you a very secure feeling when falling asleep in the north woods. Warbonnet is located in Evergreen, Colorado, and is made by American workers with American Materials. Give their website a visit and check them out, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

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