You Don’t Want to Do This with a Snapping Turtle

You don’t ever want to pick a snapping turtle up, either by the shell or by the tail. In the first case, you’ll get hurt, in the second case the snapping turtle will get injured. Snapping turtles have a huge habitat ranging from Saskatchewan to Florida, but most people don’t know anything about them because they spend most of their time in the water. Snapping turtles are somewhat misunderstood, and are even hated, as I relate in a story during this video. However, snapping turtles are an important part of the ecosystem. My friend saw one crossing the road and stopped to make sure no one ran over it. The snapping turtle was actually laying eggs by a bridge, in a sandy turnoff where the local fire department pulls off to refill their tanks from the river. In other words, a really bad place to lay turtle eggs, unfortunately.

Here’s another snapping turtle I filmed last month:

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