Unique Maine Black Bear (Hunt, Harvest, and Process) // Warning: Graphic

I was fortunate enough to harvest a 340 lbs Maine Black Bear last week after an almost 30-hour hunt. This was a very unique bear with only three legs. The game wardens estimated he was about 15 years old and likely lost his leg (front right) at a young age. To be able to recover from a wound like that and live to a full age is something that deserves respect.

The bear fat has many uses including culinary.


Although I don’t show the kill shot in this video I do show how to process the bear meat, and that is necessarily graphic, so squeamish viewers be warned.

One thing to note is that wild animals don’t have peaceful deaths in the wild. This bear, in particular, with three legs, would likely have been taken down by coyote within a few years, and that is far from as quick a death as I gave him (he died instantly).

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