Updates, UMPI & Building On Land You Own | JMB Podcast Episode 52

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It’s been almost two months since we released a podcast. In this episode I discuss what we’ve been up to, tell some stories about the history of the folk school, and finish with talking about digital sharecropping, why we’re migrating all of our media to our own sites and why we recommend you do the same.

PHOTO: Dugout canoe at the libby museum that I first saw when I was 4 years old, in front of a photo of Rust Pond where it was found. The folk school is down the shore on the left.


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North Carolina Whitetail Deer Harvest & Process (GRAPHIC)

I was lucky enough to spend a couple days with my good buddy Matt in North Carolina doing some whitetail deer hunting. Matt harvested a decent 5 pointer. We processed it and enjoyed some fresh venison.

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