Being Prepared For Winter With Ed Butler, Working Class Woodsman | JMB Podcast Episode 55

This podcast is a production of Jack Mountain Bushcraft Media. The Working Class Woodsman may or may not be a guest in this particular podcast episode and is not responsible for the content (especially for anything he might say when he's a guest).

Ed Butler, the Working Class Woodsman, stopped by and we spent an hour and a quarter talking about winter preparedness, the changing face of the forest in northern New England due to economic pressure, what you should carry with you, the boiling point of propane and butane, and a bunch of other winter-focused things. I haven’t seen Ed much lately because he’s been so busy, and it was great to catch up. It’s always a pleasure to have him of the podcast, and it’s never boring.

PHOTO: Ice-covered pond at the field school. The discolored ice should be a safety warning, as should be the open water near the outlet.


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