Jeff Hatch, Raven Wilderness School | JMB Podcast Episode 56

This podcast is a production of Jack Mountain Bushcraft Media. The Working Class Woodsman may or may not be a guest in this particular podcast episode and is not responsible for the content (especially for anything he might say when he's a guest).

Jeff Hatch is the owner of Raven Wilderness School in western Massachusetts, an ambassador for Fjallraven, has more instagram followers than we can count, and is an all-around great guy. Ed Butler and I sat down with Jeff on a breezy day to discuss his school, the role of social media in promoting small business, how he became a brand ambassador, and his upcoming events at Fjallraven stores in Vermont and New York City.

We also discuss Ed’s first fish through the ice of the winter, tell a few stories, and give advice for young people getting started in the outdoor industry.

PHOTO: Jeff Hatch, Tim Smith & Ed Butler (from left to right). Photo by Jessica.


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