Last day of Squirrel Hunting // Snowshoeing With New Schnee Boots and Iverson Bindings

The last day of squirrel hunting in New Hampshire! After a night of negative 4 degrees, my work day got changed around due to emergency no-heat calls. However, it left me with a window of opportunity in the afternoon to strap on my snowshoes and make use of the fresh powder we got dumped with Tuesday night.

I took the old 16-gauge double-barrel shotgun out for good luck but got skunked in the end. The conditions weren’t that great for squirrel hunting and the gray boys were hunkered down in their nests and didn’t show themselves at all. Oh, well, there’s always next year. It was still a great day in the woods.

The other bonus was that I got to try out my new Schnee’s Western Packer ADV boots and I am very happy with them. The quality is off the charts and I can’t believe how well they fit and feel. I will be putting these to the test all winter and will keep updating as time goes on. So far I’m very pleased.

I’m also using Iverson bindings on my traditional long snowshoes. The bindings are waterproof and

Schnee’s Western Packer ADV boots:

Iverson Bindings (you can find them in other places in addition to LL Bean’s):

You can also get Iverson traditional snowshoes here:

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