Winter Woods Walk, fire building, conservation, Ramen Noodles

I got a chance to check up on the local deer yards today and brought along my Four Dog Stoves Titanium bush-cooker LT for a Rice Ramen Miso boil up. I was also in the mood to light a fire with my ferro rod from Badger Claw Leathers. Every product I have received from them has been very high quality. They make things the old fashion way and their stuff fits right in with classic camping and general woodsmanship. (I realize that’s not a word according to Merriam Webster.) Every once in awhile I like to throw a light kit together and tromp around on snowshoes and today was perfect for it. Also featured is the “must have” haversack from The Hidden Woodsmen. There is no shortage of coyote and bobcat sign as predator populations have been on the rise for the last few years. This is also the time of year that red and grey fox are looking to den up and have their kits.

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