Another Unsuccessful Day in Fisherville (Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby Weekend)

Sometimes when you go ice fishing your ice auger won’t start and you don’t catch any thing on tip ups or jigging. That’s because you’re fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee and not in a barrel. A New Hampshire Fish & Game dog checked out the bob house in Wolfeboro Bay during the weekend of the Meredith Rotary Derby (February 10), but the only thing inside it was some bacon that Max enjoyed (I don’t eat bacon any more for health reasons). Sadly, there was no luck in Fisherville that day, but we had a good time anyway. The dogs can sniff salmon, which you’re not allowed to take through the ice in New Hampshire. If they catch you then you’ll lose your fishing license and have to pay a fine, so don’t do it. Also, if you do hook a salmon, don’t bring it out of the hole to look at it before you let it go, because the cold air will freeze its eyes and blind it.

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