Is Hunting with Drones Ethical? // Woodsman’s Podcast #12

//CORRECTION!! IT IS LEGAL TO HUNT WITH WALKIE TALKIES HERE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. However, there used to be a law that said you couldn’t drive deer with anything electronic. With cell phones its impossible to enforce that law. This is a good example of how difficult it is to write laws that stand the test of time with technology coming up with products that find loopholes. //

You can check out UAV rules in New Hampshire pertaining to the use of drones being prohibited for hunting, fishing and trapping. The conversation we were having “Is it still hunting (as opposed to shooting)” if you use a drone to find game? Is it ethical? Is it legal? (The answer to that last, at least in New Hampshire, is no.) This is the topic of conversation in this mini episode, filmed on location, between Ed and Max, with Brian returning to the podcast to lend his thoughts as well. (We were in Brian’s workshop filming a video for the YouTube channel.)

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