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How To Choose A Wilderness Immersion Program | JMB Podcast Episode 69

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How to choose a wilderness immersion program is the topic for episode 69 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast. Christopher and I discuss the three things a potential student should ask themselves and the ten things a student should look for in a school. Having run a such programs for over 20 years, I hate surprises. More specifically, I don’t like it when a student is surprised on a course by how it is run, what the content is, etc. They should know this coming in.

What a potential participant on a wilderness immersion program should ask themselves:

  • What are my interests? Mountaineering? Bushcraft? Nature study?
  • What are my goals? Professional training? Break from my life? Explore a new hobby?
  • How much time do I want to invest in the program?

What a potential participant on a wilderness immersion program should ask about a school they’re interested in:

  • Location of the program
  • Program length
  • Program format: full or part time, live on site or live nearby, etc.
  • Educational philosophy of the school. What are they trying to achieve?
  • Experience and background of the school and instructors
  • Course curriculum
  • Assessment system
  • Is there a religious or spiritual component
  • Does the school make untrue marketing claims
  • Do your research!

PHOTO: Group at Grand Pitch on the East Branch of the Penobscot at the end of a month-long canoe expedition course.

There is no profanity used in this episode.

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