The Woodsman's Podcast, Ep. 4

Catadromous Fish Do What?

What fish are native or indigenous to New Hampshire? Specifically, Lake Winnipesaukee. Well, it’s your lucky day because Ed (the Working Class Woodsman on YouTube) has the answers. He also lets Max know about the deal with the eel, particularly American Eels that make their way from Lake Winnipesaukee to the Atlantic Ocean and into the Sea of Sargasso in order to breed. This fresh water to salt water voyage makes them catadromous fish, the opposite of, for instance, salmon, which go from salt water to fresh water to spawn, and are therefore anadromous. Also why are cusk called lawyer fish?

Thanks for watching. We did have some problems recording this. Max accidentally dialed 911 from the lockscreen of his iPhone and then we also ran out of space on the memory card of Max’s camera.

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