The Woodsman's Podcast, Ep. 2

Sportsman’s Opinion

In episode 2 of the Woodsman’s Podcast, Max and Ed discuss the 2018 Sportsman’s Opinion Poll in the June edition of the Maine Sportsman. Questions range from “Did you hunt with a crossbow in the past year,” to “Do you believe global warming is a real environmental threat” to “should the state end the recreational trapping of bears?”

We got through only half of the questions in this episode, so let us know in the comments ( if you’d like to hear us discuss the remaining 20 or so questions next month. We will also be talking about kayak fishing next month and about picking wild berries.

To answer a question we didn’t know the answer to in the podcast, there are 43 game wardens in New Hampshire and 125 in Maine (according to the respective state websites).

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